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Brands In Our Stores

We’re bringing in new styles all the time but some have become staples. Here you can learn about some of the brands we carry and their unique histories.

This page is in progress. Check back for updates.

Pegada Logo

Pegada Footwear was created in 1989, in the city of Dois Irmãos. Throughout its history, the company has established itself as a leader in the male segment in Latin America and today it is present in more than 10,000 points of sale.

Besides being consolidated in the national market, the ‘Conquering Brand’ also exports to more than 60 countries, having offices in Europe, the United States and Canada. It is also present in different markets in Latin America and the Middle East.

With Brazilian production and manufacturing units in Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia, Pegada stands out for having developed comfort technologies that are a benchmark, and for always being in touch with the world’s greatest trends in fashion and technology, and bringing more innovation with each collection.

Vionic Logo

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that seemed relatively comfortable only to take them off later and have aching, sore feet? You’re not alone! This is a fairly common occurrence for many of us and usually, there are two main culprits: wearing men’s shoes that lack the supportive infrastructure your feet need to be truly comfortable or wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet properly (or both). Orthopedic leisure and work shoes address both of these issues by having the supportive technology your feet need built-in and being designed to create a comfortable, ideal environment for your feet. 

Vionic has made it their mission to create footwear that addresses the unique needs of your feet and offers you comfort all day long in the styles you love.